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Why do people leave various pieces of furniture or “stuff” behind when they move?  Is it because the moving truck is full (just leave it!!) or everyone’s too tired to mess with one more aggravating box/awkward piece of furniture or the owner secretly hates (it) and doesn’t even care enough to discard it properly?  For whatever reason, the widow who lived in this house before me left the most amazing, THE ULTIMATE lounging piece of furniture (not even sure what it’s called.. rocking sofa, bed swing, rocking idler, lounger rocker??) you can EVER imagine. Why?  I guess because it’s heavy as crap and would be a nightmare to carry off the back screened-in porch then navigate the stairs with a narrow L-turn.  So this lovely oasis has become my haven of peace, my sumptuous tree house swaying daybed, my sanctuary, my female-heaven hideaway.

See for yourself  (I added the necessary accessories… blankets, stacked cushions, pillows):

When I rest, sleep, lounge, daydream, rest, sleep, lounge (you get the hypnotic cycle) on this perfect rocker, I become part of nature, I blend with the wind, the light, the sounds, the aromas of the earth.  The trees and I are best friends.  This is the view from my swaying perch:

 When it’s raining, pre, post or mid-downpour, I’m in ecstasy.  I’m sure life is never more sweetly intense.  Some nights, when I wake for no reason and my bedroom feels stuffy and tight, I move to my refuge and release, unwind and unravel.  My mind yields and becomes like a sieve; I become the night.  I can hear my horses chewing on their hay and snorting softly in the darkness.  Sleep in this splendid place is unworldly, deep and boundless.  I cease to exist…only the feathery breeze, odors of bark and soil, symphony of birds and frogs, daydreams and blurred mind-wanderings.   

Sometimes I pretend I’m going to read on this narcotic bench.  Impossible!  Within minutes my mind is mush and I start grinning inside uncontrollably.  My eyes haze over, an abysmal mantra begins: nothing to do, nowhere to be, nothing to think about, just be, just be, just be….

It’s addictive.  It’s seductive.  It’s a life affirming, bone-marrow- nutrient necessity.  You too could learn this art of reckless abandon…  Just a porch swing/rocker/piece of furniture and a big dose of lazy!  Happy, lucky-you lounging!


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